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Tow Bee Boating Safety Tip: File a Float Plan Before Each Outing!

Thousands of hours and dollars are spent searching for missing boaters each year. While many of these searches are for good reason, a number of them are due to the fact that no one knew when the boaters were supposed to be back or where they were going in the first place.


Taking five minutes to fill out a float plan would have prevented many of these needless searches or allowed rescuers to narrow down the area in which they are searching. The purpose of a float plan is to explain where you plan to boat, how long you will be gone and when you plan to return as well as provide a phone number to call if you fail to return by the appointed time. Then, you give your float plan to a trusted friend staying on the shore. And, at the end of your boating trip, don’t forget to call your friend to cancel your float plan and let him/her know that you made it home safely.


Click this link to US Coast Guard Float Plan Form


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