Sea Tow Foundation Loaner Life Jacket Count Form


Please use this form to count the life jackets being used at each of your life jacket loaner stations.


Start a new form each time you count a different station.


You only need to fill in the sections of this form you are using at the time.


Your counts help our funders see how many times your audience uses the life jackets in your area and decide if they will continue their support.


Frequent regular counts are important and we would hope that you could provide updated counts every week or two, but we ask that you provide it at least once per month during the summer boating season.


Thank you for your help to make this program a success!


To help understand the details of the reporting requirements, a webinar is available to help explain each part of the reporting as well as why this reporting is needed. You can check it out on the webinar page at



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Loaner Life Jacket Count Form

  • Enter the date of the count.
  • Drop files here or
    Three times a year, upload a photo of your Loaner Station.
  • Your Contact Information

    * Required fields.
  • Location Information

    * Required Fields
  • Name of boat ramp, marina, park, etc.
  • Count Worn Life Jackets

    This count tells us how many people are using the jackets. Fewer counts show less people are using the life jackets. Frequent regular counts show more people are using the life jackets in your area. Only count the life jackets that look like they have been used since you last visited the station. If the life jackets are unbuckled, moved to a different part of the station or show other signs of use, please count them as worn.
  • Count Removed Jackets

    Please count the number of life jackets missing from the stand during your visit. These may be currently out with boaters and will come back later in the day or after the weekend. If you notice significant loss of life jackets, you may need to relocate the station according to the manual. In this section, we also want you to count the number of life jackets that have become damaged and need to be removed from the station. This includes broken straps and buckles, rips or tears in the fabric, or other issues. Dirt and mildew should be cleaned off the jackets and then the jackets should be replaced on the station.
  • Count Donated Jackets

    There are many times when people will donate their other life jackets by placing them on the stand. Please provide a count of the number of life jackets donated. Then, inspect these life jackets to ensure that they are in serviceable condition. If so, please mark them with a permanent marker as part of the loaner station.
  • Thank you. This data is very important to the program. Thanks again for your help collecting it.

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