Model Release Form

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Model Release Form

  • Model Information

  • Upload copy here of Driver’s License or another photocopy reference to Model, if available. If not, then check “none available box at time of shoot” and will reference print from shoot thereafter.
  • Entering your first and last name in this field is the same as your signature. Model hereby agrees to the entire contents of this form, and if a minor, also consents to the extent legally permitted, bound by the consent of the parent or legal guardian, shown below.
  • Permission and Rights Granted

    For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Model (individually to the extent lawfully permitted, and by parent or legal guardian if a minor) hereby represents and warrants that Model has the capacity to enter into this Agreement, and hereby agrees to the photo-shoot and to the use of any or all images taken hereunder by Sea Tow Foundation, Inc. (“Sea Tow Foundation”), its privities, licensees, assigns, in any media (now or hereinafter created, including electronic) and for any purpose (except pornographic) including, advertising and/or trade purposes, promotion, marketing and packaging of any product or service, singly or in combination with any other text, graphics or images, and that the images may be cropped, altered or modified, all without recourse. Model represents, warrants, covenants and agrees, that: (a) he/she has no rights to the images or to their use; (b) all rights to the images belong to Sea Tow Foundation; (c) no additional consideration, compensation or accounting is now or hereinafter will be due to Model; (c) Model has no right to pre-publication review; (d) Model cannot and will not make a claim for any reason against Sea Tow Foundation in any manner relating to the taking or use of the images or to the photo shoot; (e) all factual statements (like name, address, telephone and age) are true and correct; (f) this Release is fully binding upon Model, his/her heirs and assigns; and (g) this Release is irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual; (h) this Release is governed by and under the laws of the State of New York, without regard to conflicts of law. When parent or legal guardian signs below, then, in addition to (a) though (h), such signature includes the representation and warranty that: parent is the parent or legal guardian of Model and has the full legal capacity to consent to the photo-shoot and to execute this release of all rights in Model’s images. Where there is no parent or legal guardian signing, then Model represents and warrants upon signing that he/she is of majority age with full authority to individually sign.
  • The following to be completed by Model's Parent or Legal Guardian

  • Entering your first and last name in this field is the same as your signature.
  • Definitions

    “MODEL" means the person whose images are being captured, by photographic or other process, and whose consent is provided for use of those images for all purposes, including advertising and/or trade, and in all media. Where Model is under age, "Model" also means the parent or legal guardian signing this form and consenting on behalf of the minor, unless otherwise indicated. “MEDIA” means all forms known or hereinafter created including digital, electronic, print, emulsion, television, and film. “PHOTOGRAPHER/FILMMAKER” means the person and entity capturing the Model’s images under this Agreement. “ASSIGNS” means Sea Tow Services International, Inc., its privities, licensees, franchisees and assigns, to whom Photographer/Filmmaker has assigned all rights hereunder. “IMAGES” means any visual representation(s) of Model that has been captured during the Shoot by Photographer/Filmmaker, regardless of the method and media. “CONSIDERATION” means value which Model has accepted and received sufficient for the rights granted by Model in this release. “SHOOT” means the photographic or film session described in this form.
  • Assignment by Photographer/Filmmaker

  • Entering your first and last name in this field is the same as your signature. For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Photographer/Filmmaker hereby assigns this agreement and all rights, title and interest in and to all images hereunder in and to Sea Tow Foundation, inc., its privities, licensees, assigns (“Sea Tow Foundation"). All such assigned images are further deemed "work made for hire" for and on behalf of Sea Tow Foundation and all copyrights under U.S. and international law in connection therewith are hereby assigned to Sea Tow. Photographer/Filmmaker agrees that it will not maintain any images for any purpose, including use or publication (save for archival purposes), nor permit the unauthorized access, duplication or use thereof.

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