Tips for Taking Media Worthy Photos

21 Sep 2018
2017-18 - Tips
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Tips for Taking Media Worthy Photos


  • Take candid photos. For example, take a photo of a child trying on a life jacket or getting onto their boat with their new life jacket, along with a couple staged group photos of the Life Jacket Station unveiling.
  • Take photos with your phone turned sideways in landscape mode with the button positioned on the right.
  • Use the grid feature on your phone’s camera app to make sure the photo is level. If shooting just one subject, place him or her in the right or left third of the frame to make the photo more interesting.
  • Do get permission from the subject(s) in the photo- use our convenient online permission release form at
  • Share your photos with us at


Cell phone taking photo of Sea Tow Foundation Life jacket Loaner Program


  • Don’t be afraid to take a lot of photos. We can always cut down the number afterwards.
  • Don’t use flash if you’re more than a few feet from the subject. It will lead to worse photos. We can always increase the exposure using photo editing software after the fact.
  • Don’t wear sunglasses or anything else that might obscure your face.

Written by  Michael Wesolowski

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